Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Miles 458.2 to 465.5

Total Miles: 465.5
Miles Today:  7.27
Map waypoints: D to E
Google Map

I'm developing a standard format to use from now on for the introduction. After a bunch of entries, it should be standardized and easier to follow.

I'm having fun at www.exercise.lbl.gov . It is a very easy way to keep track of mileage. The hike is a virtual hike, run or bicycle ride on the TransAmerica bicycle trail. In the past few days, I figured out how to get walking partners. It has proven to be motivational. For now, I'm planning to do 7 miles a day and let the others go ahead or behind. Still....if I am ending the day and someone is a short distance ahead of me, I may walk a little more. The group is starting to get spread out even after a few days. Hopefully, I can find someone who keeps about the same daily mileage. Then we can motivate each other. It's going to be harder to skip a day knowing someone may pass me. Those miles would be hard to gain back. I have the feeling consistency will be very important. Those who skip the fewest days will forge ahead even if their daily mileage is a little lower.

This morning was kind of clear and 56 degrees. The air felt more like Oklahoma early in the morning than Colorado. There is the feeling of a hot day ahead. I love the early morning walks before sunrise. It was quiet, so I could hear trains and distant trucks. 

This morning, I found a way to color the states I've been in. So in the future I'll add this to the top of each blog entry. Here is the site the map is made.

After yesterday's dust storm which made the front page of the paper, the air is clearing up. I could still see a residual brownish haze. But at least I could see Pike's Peak which is about 40 miles away. Unfortunately, it didn't show up in the picture. The trail marker is from the Front Range trail which runs from New Mexico to Wyoming. Lots of it is not planned yet, but at their website, the general route is available. It's more of a city trail and the only camping would be stealth camping.

I threw my Bear Claw shoes in the washer tonight. They have 500 miles on them. I try to wash them every 100 miles. After, I'll put Shoo Goo on the soles and repair a few little things on the top with Shoo Goo. I got them on sale at Super 5 for $25. They have lasted well and are comfortable. But they do not do well in the rain. They get wet and stay wet. So I just use them around town.

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