Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Miles 465.5 to 472.9

Total Miles: 472.9
Miles Today: 7.41
Map waypoints: E to F
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Picture of the day

This morning my son Krister and I went for a short walk in the desert to watch the sunrise. It was about 40 degrees. It was a great view. The fence is old and stretches a long way. The barbed wire is laying on the ground. It would have been a great day to hike to the horizon. But I had work to do.

Last night after washing my cheap Bear Claw shoes, I noticed the heel was worn through to the mid-sole. This afternoon I went out and bought a pair of American made Red Wing boots. They have a lifetime guarantee on the top. Free polishing and leather treatment anytime I want. They can be resoled for $75. I'll see how many miles I can get on them.

It's afternoon and I still have four miles to go thanks to the time spent shopping this afternoon. I may end up a little short on miles. Hopefully I can work it in.

This is the new playground built in the nearby park. The kids are really enjoying it a lot.

I finished the miles and then some. I walked 5 miles in the new Red Wing shoes averaging 4 miles an hour according to the GPS. They seem real easy to walk in. No problems with the shoes. Just a couple minor hot spots which will disappear as they break in.

I like the idea that people are spreading out with some ahead and some behind me. It makes it like a friendly race. I'll just stick to my miles and see what happens. Nice to see so many people out walking.

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