Sunday, July 20, 2014

7/12/14 1269.2 to 1279 Miles - Completed Segment 19

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I took about a week off from posting, and rather than going back and trying to fill in the blanks, I just picked up from today. It was cool this morning, and about 62 degrees. It was a perfect day for walking.

The sun was a bright reddish orange and it was rising directly in front of me on the bicycle trail.

The morning walk completed Part 2 of the hike. The next part is Northwestern Nevada to entering Idaho. It is about 900 miles long.

The yellow circles are the next segment. As I leave the trail of green circles behind me, I'm committing more to completing the virtual hike. In a way, I'll be sad to leave Nevada behind. It was a long state and it was all desert. In fact, I've been in the desert since  entering Utah. It's not time to mourn leaving the desert as there is still plenty of desert ahead in Oregon and Washington. I never pictured them as desert states.

There is about 80 miles left in Nevada, so I'll enjoy those while it lasts.

Here is a link to segment 21.

From now on, the legs are often shorter than 10 miles. The reason for this is I had to add intermediate legs to force the route onto the correct roads. If I were to plan the route again, I'd vary the length of the legs throughout the route. These artificial milestones give a sense of progress. It seems to be better if the distances between the milestones vary. I guess it's like counting exits instead of mile markers on the interstate.

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