Monday, July 21, 2014

7/21/14: 1,279 to 1287.1 miles. Hummingbird butterfly

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This hummingbird moth was feeding from a sunflower in our backyard last evening. They look almost exactly like hummingbirds. Nature is amazing.

The rising sun gave some of the trees fall colors.  

Cattails used to be common here, but now this is one of the few I know that is left. They got replaced by another plant that looks almost like a cattail, but doesn't have the "corn dogs."

On the virtual hike, there were TWO small towns on this leg. Both looked like they had a place to resupply. 

Ok, I admit it. I'm counting the legs to California. There are six of them. It will be gratifying to add another "states visited" map. 

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